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Site Plan Requirements:  Residential:


    This fact sheet is provided to assist citizens of Dayton Township with the procedures necessary for Residential Construction projects within Dayton Township.

    A ZONING COMPLIANCE PERMIT from Dayton Township is required for all construction projects within the Township.  The purpose of the Zoning Permit is to insure construction is in conformance with Township zoning regulations.  The first step before any project should be to visit the Zoning Administrator at the town hall on Weds. 5-8 or Thurs. 1-4. The hall is loacted at the corner of 32nd and Stone Rd.

    A HEALTH DEPARTMENT PERMIT from the Newaygo County Health Department is required in two situations:

        If the project is for a NEW Residential Dwelling and the property does not have public water or sanitary sewer available.  On-site sewage treatment and on-site water well will be required.  Permits that will be needed, are SEWAGE TREATMENT to provide proper placement of a new or replacement septic tank and drainfield system; and WELL PERMIT for installation of a new or replacement water well.

        If the project involves adding bedrooms, changing the use of an existing structure, or when replacing an existing septic system due to the potential for change of wastewater flows.  Or if the project involves non-bedroom additions (garage, deck ... ) on lake front property of 1 acre or less because of the limited area available for the sewage system.  The permit that will be needed is a BUILDING PERMIT APPROVAL (BPA).

    Applications for either of the Health Department Permits can be obtained between 8:00am and 4:30pm from the Health Department 231-689-7300.  You will need your permanent parcel number, a copy of your legal description and a property street address to complete your application.

    SOIL EROSION PERMITS are required for any earth disturbance within 500 ft of a body of surface water, including designated county drains.  Soil Erosion permits are also required if a seawall is installed or if clean beach sand is brought in along the water's edge or if soils being disturbed are in a quantity of 1 acre or more. Also, alteration of an artificial canal, ditch, lagoon pond, lake or similar waterway which purpose is ultimately connection with an existing inland lake or stream, or where any part of the artificial waterway is located within 500 feet of the Ordinary High water Mark of an existing inland lake or stream.

    Soil Erosion Permit may be applied for at the Newaygo County Drain Commissioners Office 231-689-7213; between 7:00am and 4:00pm (the office is closed noon - 1:00pm)

    DEQ – Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – formerly DNR Permits

    DEQ permits are required for any construction within a FLOOD PLAIN or within a body of water such as Seawalls or PERMANENT DOCKS.  Contact the DEQ in Grand Rapids 616-356-0500 (Some aquatic plant life may be protected from disturbance)

    BUILDING PERMITS, ELECTRICAL PERMITS, MECHANICAL PERMITS, & HOUSE NUMBERS are available through the Newaygo County Building Inspectors Office 231-689-7216.  Applications can be obtained between 7:00am - 4:00pm.  The office is closed Noon to 1:00pm). (State of Michigan Plumbing Permit Applications are also available through the Building Inspectors Office)

    PLUMBING PERMITS are issued through the State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes.  The Newaygo Area Plumbing Inspector is Mike Zoland, his phone number is (231) 757-3559.  Mr. Zoland is available from 8am to 9am.  He has an answering machine a message can be left for Mr. Zoland from 9am until 5pm.  The Lansing office telephone number is (517) 241-9313. (State of Michigan Plumbing Permit Applications are also available through the Building Inspectors Office).

    DRIVEWAY PERMITS are needed for all new Residential Dwelling
    construction. Driveways adjoining a State Highway require a permit from Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).  All applications can be obtained at the Newaygo County Road Commission.  (231) 689-6682 (MDOT applications are provided through the County Road Commission office).


    Swimming Pools: “In-ground” pools require electrical, building and plumbing permits

    MISS DIG: 800-482-7171
    BURNING PERMITS: (231) 745-3111
    SILT FENCING is available at the USDA Conservation Service  
    SEEDLINGS are available at the Newaygo Conservation District
         Nursery (231)652-7493


Site Plan Requirements:  Commercial:


        All Site Plans submitted must be drawn to a scale which can easily be read.  Scale and directional arrows shall be shown.

        All items shall be specifically dimensioned.

        All property lines shall be shown- labeled and dimensioned.

        All easements through the property shall be shown and labeled.

        All structures, both existing and proposed shall be indicated and dimensioned as to size and distance from all property lines.  Specific Zone requirements for setbacks and yard requirements shall be located in accordance with Zoning District Requirements.

        All parking areas must be shown and properly dimensioned.  All parking areas shall conform to Zoning Requirements.

        The proposed drainage system for parking areas shall be shown and approved by the COUNTY DRAIN COMMISSION and the Township Engineer.  Indicated direction of flow for surface runoff or show elevations throughout the parking areas.  No surface runoff shall drain across the public right of way.  If located on a State Highway, preliminary report from MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION on its letterhead is required.  All proposed entrances and exits shall be shown on the COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION permit.

        Screening of parking areas, when required shall be in accordance with Zoning Regulations. Type of screening shall also be indicated on the Site Plan.

        Any proposed lighting shall be shown and arranged in accordance Zoning Regulations.

        All signs shall be indicated as to location and size.  All signs shall conform to Zoning Regulations.

        Spaces shall be provided on the Site Plan for the signatures of the owner and the Chairman of the Planning Commission.


        Prior to issuance of a permit to proceed a set of building plans shall be submitted to the COUNTY BUILDING INSPECTOR.

        Prior to approval of a site plan by the Township Board upon recommendation of the Planning Commission, an onsite sewage and well permit from the COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT must be submitted along with the site plan to the commission if the buildings will utilize either on site sewage treatment or water supply.