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Joint Comprehensive Growth & Development Plan

Growth is happening all around us, and Newaygo County and Dayton Township are no exception! Proactive or reactive: which approach would you rather use? The question actually becomes whether or not your community leaders have the desire to manage and direct growth in the best possible way. We are pleased to report the answer in Dayton Township and the Fremont Area Community is an emphatic, “YES, we do!”

In the past we have joined with Sheridan Charter Township and the City of Fremont in creating a Joint Comprehensive Growth and Development Plan to serve our community.
(This Plan is to be revisited in the year 2006.) Some areas desire growth and others want to limit it. In either case, proactive planning can make the difference between success in serving our residents and providing for economic development or excessive conflict and problems. This Plan includes land use alternatives, parks and recreation plans, transportation and infrastructure issues, and farmland preservation just to mention a few.

Recently a Fremont Area Joint Planning Committee has been formed consisting of four representatives from four governmental entities. Sherman Township has joined in this venture, which will consist of Dayton and Sherman Townships, Sheridan Charter Township, and the City of Fremont. Through a Level (1) grant from the Partnership for Change Program administered by the Land Information Access Association, (LIAA), Fremont Area officials are working together to structure a multi-jurisdictional agreement to establish a Fremont Area Joint Planning Commission. This Commission will provide a way to coordinate planning functions and land use management on a regional basis in the Fremont Area so that natural and historic resources are preserved and new development will support “Smart Growth” principles.

This is an exciting project, which will benefit the community at large. We also need your input. This means we need your involvement. This plan must reflect your desires, and will if you actively participate in public meetings and help guide the process. Be sure to watch the newspaper for opportunities to join us as we continue to create the vision for our community and it’s future.