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Board of Review

Chuck Whitman
1955 South Stone
Fremont, MI 49412
Jean Stroven
Dayton Township
Fremont, MI  49412
Dennis Pell
8264 West 16th Street
Fremont, MI  49412


The board of review consists of three members appointed by the township board for a two-year term that begins on Jan. 1 of each odd-numbered year. The assessment roll, as altered, must be endorsed by a majority of the entire board. Each member must take the constitutional oath of office, administered by the clerk, within 10 days after appointment. Board of review members must be qualified electors and two-thirds of the members must also be township landowners and taxpayers. A majority of the board of review shall constitute a quorum, but less may adjourn from day to day. The township supervisor serves as board of review secretary, but not a voting member. The secretary must keep a record of board proceedings, including all assessment roll changes, and file the record with the township clerk together with any statements made by persons assessed.

The board of review meets on the Tuesday following the first Monday in March to review and examine the property assessment roll made by the assessor. Under the Open Meetings Act, the board of review must hear assessment complaints from tax payers. Notice of the meeting time, date, and place must be published at least one week prior to the meeting in a newspaper of general circulation within the township.

The board must also meet at 9 a.m. on the second Monday and Tuesday in March for at least six hours each day.

Board of Review meetings are held in accordance with State law on the second Monday and Tuesday in March.  The Board of Review may also meet in July and December to review and correct any clerical errors or mutual mistakes on fact on assessments.  Such errors or mistakes are certified by the Township Supervisor or Assessor.  The mistakes can involve the current or preceding tax year.

On showing sufficient cause, the board shall correct the assessment on any particular property to make the valuation relatively just and equal. Assessment review by the board of review shall be completed on or before the first Monday in April.

No person can appeal his assessment to the Tax Tribunal unless he has first appeared before the board of review.

All property must be assessed at 50 percent of true cash value, and the purpose of the board of review is to ascertain that this has been accomplished (MCL 211.28-211.33).