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Fremont Community Joint Zoning Board of Appeals

Rick Prysock 3149 S. Finch Trail

Glen H. Sparks 2195 S Van Wagoner

Barbara Popp 3149 S. Finch Trail


    Zoning statutes also provide for township board appointment of a zoning board of appeals. If the population is under 5,000, the minimum membership is three. The precise number of members shall be specified in the township zoning ordinance.

    The first Board of Appeals member must be a township zoning board or planning commission member who is appointed by the township board. The remaining members must be township electors residing outside of incorporated cities and villages and representing the population distribution and various interests present in the township. One member may be a member of the township board.

    Each member's term is three years; members first appointed may have shorter terms to effect staggered terms.

    The zoning board of appeals must hear and decide appeals from any other order, requirement, decision or determination made by any administrative official charged with zoning ordinance enforcement.

    An appeal may be filed by any person aggrieved or by an officer, department, board or bureau of the township, county, or state. The reasons for any board decision shall be stated in full and made a part of the meeting records.

Board of Appeals' decisions are final but may be appealed to the circuit court on questions of law and fact within 21 days of the decision. The decisions are not appealable to the township board, the zoning board, or the planning commission.

The proper use of a zoning board of appeals within the limits of its jurisdiction can prevent a zoning ordinance from becoming a rigid, unjust or confiscatory document. On the other hand, the zoning board of appeals cannot rezone property, grant use variances, or special use permits or amend the zoning ordinance; this authority is reserved for the zoning board.

The Board of Appeals meet for an organizational meeting each March and holds additional meetings on an as needed basis.