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Boards and Commissions

Left to Right:
Trustee Glen Sparks, Treasurer Bill Kunnen, Supervisor Brian Frens, Trustee Rhoni Kaastra, Clerk Jean Stroven

Organizational Structure:

The Dayton Township government is conducted by a Township Board consisting of five members. The officers of the Board are designated as supervisor, clerk, treasurer and two trustees. Appointed boards and officials include the planning commission, the zoning board of appeals, the board of review for tax assessments, the zoning administrator, the assessor and the cemetery sexton.  If you are interested in serving on one of the above board, please fill out an Application For Appointment.  Township government has developed into a governmental structure that today can provide practically any type of governmental service desired by its citizens and property owners. Specific services are determined primarily by budgetary requirements, citizen demand and the energy, progressiveness and knowledge of the township officials.

The Township Board  meets each month on the second Thursday at 7:00 p.m.  All meetings are held at the Dayton Township Hall on the corner of 32nd Street and Stone Road.  

For a complete listing of Boards & Commissions click here.

Dayton Township Boards & Commissions:

Board of Review
Board of Appeals
Planning Commission


Township Board:

Name: Address: Phone: Term Expires:
Brian Frens, Supervisor  7929 W. 32nd  Fremont, MI 49412 924-4442 Nov. 20, 2016
Jean Stroven, Clerk 1284 S. Green  Fremont, MI 49412 225-8970  Nov. 20, 2016
Bill Kunnen, Treasurer 1160 S. Stone  Fremont, MI 49412 924-6818 Nov. 20, 2016
Glen Sparks, Trustee   2195 VanWagoner  Fremont. MI 49412 924-5945 Nov. 20, 2016
Rhonita Kaastra, Trustee 4183 Highland Dr Fremont, MI 49412  924-3739 Nov. 20, 2016


Board of Review:

Name: Address: Term Expires:
Joan Kokx   3612 S Maple Island  Fremont, MI 49412   Dec. 31, 2016
Daniel Pell       7348 W 24th  Fremont, MI 49412    Dec. 31, 2016
Stan Romanowski  2938 Martinview Dr. Fremont, MI 4912   Dec. 31, 2016
David Baddis    


Fremont Community Joint Planning Commission:

Name: Address: Phone: Term Expires:
Brian Frens 8301 W 48th  Fremont, MI 49412 924-4442 Dec. 31, 2017
Kent Folkema     8301 W 48th  Fremont, MI 49412 924-0479   Dec. 31, 2018
Barbara E. Popp   3149 S. Finch Trail  Fremont, MI 49412 924-2974 Dec. 31, 2016
Joan Kokx   3612 S. Maple Island  Fremont, MI 49412 924-5529     Dec. 31, 2018


Zoning Administrator:

Name: Address: Phone:
Peter Lance   P.O. Box 68  Fremont, MI 49412 924-9509
Engineering Company-    
OMM Engineering  1680 East Paris SE  Grand Rapids, MI 49546 (800) 957-4350


Fremont Community Joint Zoning Board of Appeals:

Name: Address: Phone: Term Expires:
Rick Prysock       3149 S Finch Trail  Fremont, MI 49412 924-2974 Nov. 20, 2018
Glen H. Sparks       2195 S Van Wagoner  Fremont, MI 49412         924-5945     Nov. 20, 2016
Barbara Popp 3149 S Fnch Trail  Fremont, MI 49412      924-2974              Dec. 31, 2017



Name: Address: Phone:
Matt Frain &Associates 622 Fairview NE  Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 446-5151


Library Board Representative:

Name: Address: Phone: Term Expires:
Elizabeth Mooy   4177 Highland Dr  Fremnt, MI 49412        924-3281     June 30, 2017


Fremont Area Planning Recreational Advisory Committee:

Name: Address: Phone: Term Expires: